May 7, 2018

Best Apps for Homeowners

Best apps for homeowners

On average, Americans pick up and check their smartphones over 40 times a day. These necessary smartphones are no longer solely for making phone calls or sending text messages. In fact, we access an average of 9 apps per day. You may have social media for connecting with friends, financial apps to organize your money, games for passing time, and even apps you may use just once a month or less, just in case. If you’re a homeowner without apps to help you manage your home, you’re missing out on some wonderful resources. Here are the best apps for homeowners:

“Centriq is the lifestyle app that helps you get the most out of your home and the things in it.” And that’s a very accurate description of this free homeowner’s app. When you get new appliances, don’t worry about losing the owner’s manual and directions. Take a picture of the nameplate or product label and Centriq loads the warranties and manuals into your app. You’ll also get information about parts, DIY videos for simple repairs, and alerts about product recalls.

  • HomeZada (FREE, Premium $59/yr or $7.95/mth)

Keep track of ALL finances related to your home ownership (property taxes, mortgage, etc.)  It also makes home maintenance automated by tracking deadlines and sending reminders until those tasks are complete. You’ll never again forget to change your AC filter with this app! There’s also a great budgeting feature to track spending and compare costs of renovation projects. 

This unique app is perfect for renovations and redecorating homeowners. Should you see a pillow in a friend’s house, table in a restaurant, or a note an accent wall in a department store, you’ll never forget that color! This app matches the color to a Benjamin Moore paint shade, getting it as close to the original color as possible. It’s also great for painting project, because you can create color combinations and more.

Instead of digging through your tool box for level, reach for your smartphone! The Bubble Level app isn’t just a bubble level, though. It’s also a surface level, AR ruler and a metal detector for finding wires behind walls.  It’s a great tool for everything from construction projects to simple help with hanging pictures on your walls.

The Fixd Repair app saves you time, money and frustration when it comes to home repairs. The easy-to-use app allows you to choose the issue, schedule an appointment, track the technician on their way to your home, and rate them when they complete the job. You’ll also pay through the app with their fixed and transparent Fixd Pricing. This also helps to avoid uncomfortable up-selling and high quotes from service pros.

This fun iOS app offers a sweet reminder to water your plants and stick with a watering schedule. It tracks watering progress, and lets you know how your plants, flowers, shrubs and flora are doing. You can even take plant selfies and turn them into a time-lapse video so you can closely monitor your plant’s growth.

BrightNest’s mission is to make homeowners happy.  When the chores and tasks of owning a home seem overwhelming, BrightNest simplifies them for you and offers tips for easy management. It will help you “maintain, organize, clean, decorate and more” with tons of helpful pictures, detailed tutorials and tips along the way.

Homeowners and renters need to keep track of each item in their home, for insurance and warranty security. Encircle makes that easy by letting you snap pictures of those items, and storing them in the app. When an unfortunate event occurs (robbery, flooding, fire, etc.), you’ll be able to file your insurance claim with ease, because Encircle will have proof of each of the items in your home.

Your landscape offers curb appeal to your home. When you want to upgrade or renovate your front or back yard, iScape is the app for you. You can see a space in 3D for either yard, and visualize the changes you want. Think of it as a mobile garden and landscape design app to help you get the most out of your yards.

If you’re a DIY novice that prefers to do the handy work in your home with your own two hands, this is the app for you. The Family Handyman app offers around 4,000 tutorials, tips and more to help you complete the job correctly, the first time. You’ll even get extra tricks for getting the job done more quickly.

The best apps for homeowners aren’t hard to find. You need apps that help you organize, maintain and renovate your home with ease. These apps were built for the homeowner, specifically, and can save you time, money and frustration. The next time you pick up that smartphone, be sure you have every tool available to help you manage your home!