Nov 16, 2016

5 Home Warranty Myths – The Truth About Home Warranties


Home warranty myths are everywhere. You’ll hear from friends about a horrible experience, read online about why you don’t need one, and believe what you need to, for piece of mind. Here are some common home warranty myths, and the truth behind them:

  1. Home warranty plans & agreements cost too much

Depending on the company you choose, you’ll pay for the service you receive. The average home nowadays requires repairs at least two times per year. When those repairs add up and drain your wallet, you’ll be thankful for the home warranty plan you purchased. Fixd Repair goes out of their way to create affordable and fair repair rates. In fact, they back all of their professionals and their service with a $10,000 satisfaction guarantee.

2. Service agreements don’t cover anything important

Home warranties actually provide great coverage for important features in your home. In fact, they cover very specific appliances and systems. Find out exactly what is covered when purchasing a plan. Make sure your plan offers a one stop shop for your needs:

Pool & Spa

3. If I have a home warranty plan, I don’t have to provide maintenance myself

Just because you have a home warranty plan, that doesn’t mean you should neglect your home and the appliances and systems inside. Breakdowns can be repaired and covered by your warranty – however, you can avoid repairs and replacements by properly maintaining your major appliances and HVAC system. Be sure to check out these home maintenance tips, hacks and tricks.

4. Home warranty agreements and homeowners insurance are the same thing

Each of these serves a different purpose for your home. Where home warranties cover repairs and replacements of appliances and systems in your home, insurance is different. It will protect you and your possessions from damage, break-ins and more.

5. Filing claims is a long process and a hassle

Filing claims can be really simple, when you use the right home warranty company. Fixd Repair offers a great way to file a claim and get it taken care of efficiently. “Fixd is an innovative mobile application and home warranty solution that is transforming the way homeowners file warranty claims, connect with service professionals, and schedule non-warranty home services. We leverage modern technology to provide a superior home warranty service and on-demand experience for customers.”

Home warranty myths can be debunked with just a little bit of research! It doesn’t take long to realize that these urban legends are created by those that failed to seek out a reputable company. Home warranties are much more needed and less scary than you might imagine!