Oct 17, 2016

9 Ways to Prepare & Protect Your Home on Halloween


Trick-or-Treaters are gearing up, which means it’s time to prepare & protect your home on Halloween! While you can have a great time handing out candy to little witches, ghouls and goblins this year, remember that safety should come first. More visitors than normal will be knocking on your door, and not all of them want treats. Here are 10 ways to prepare & protect your home on Halloween:

  • Trick or Treat? Once the rush of little ones begging for candy has started to die down, be a little more cautious about opening your door. If you have a peep-hole, use it! Once you’re done passing out treats, turn the front porch lights out or leave a note on the front door stating that you are out of candy to let strangers know not to approach your home.
  • Bowls of Candy It might seem like an easy way to avoid answering the knocks and doorbells, by putting out a bowl of candy, so kids can treat themselves. This can actually cause more traffic to your porch, as word gets around that you’re offering a free-for-all of sweets. Although it might be unlikely, vagrants and misfits will be more likely to hang out longer.
  • Light It up Creating a scary and spooky atmosphere can be a lot of fun, but, it also welcomes vandalism. Light up your walkway and darker corners of your home and yard. Keep your back porch lights on, as well. Not only will you create a safer place for innocent kids to trick-or-treat, you’ll be spotlighting anyone up to no good.
  • Security System If you aren’t settling in for a night of scary movies and visits from trick-or-treaters, double check your security system. Vagrants and vandals will use this night to have some fun of their own, and will target unoccupied homes much easier, when they are less secure.
  • Cut out Candles Those fun jack-o-lanterns are a staple to this holiday. But don’t forget that the wobbly toddlers and sugar-infused children visiting your home don’t have the same respect for fire that you do. Consider using battery-powered tea-lights, or glow sticks instead. You’ll rest easy knowing that the decorations on your entry way and the children’s costumes can’t catch fire.
  • Welcoming Walkway If you have steps or stairs, be sure they are in good shape. Railings should be secure for those little ones and their parents, walking to your front door. You’ll create a safer environment, and be sure that visitors don’t permanently destroy the railing or wooden steps you’ve been avoiding fixing.
  • Clear a Path If you have hoses, children’s toys or planters sitting in your walkway, move them back or put them away. Create a welcoming, but safe path to and from your front door. If you have automatic sprinklers that come on at night, turn those off. Anything that can cause slipping or tripping needs to be eliminated to protect your visitors and your home.
  • Protect the Pets Keep your pets, no matter how calm they are, inside your home. If you are opening the door frequently, put them in another room or secure back yard. Not only could they scare children, the kids could frighten them and cause unanticipated reactions.
  • Lock the Car Your vehicles need to be protected, as well. Make sure you park them in the garage and double check that they are locked. If you don’t have a garage, shine a spotlight in the general area where you park the car, or make it easily visible from a window. Halloween pranks can turn dangerous, and you don’t want your vehicle to suffer!

Make sure you keep your home secure from fire and damage this Halloween. Invite visitors with caution, and create a safe environment for them to enjoy the night with you. Prepare & protect your home this year!

All of us at Fixd Repair hope you have a safe and happy Halloween!