Nov 2, 2018

10 Things to do Before Thanksgiving Guests Arrive

10 things to do to prepare for Thanksgiving guests

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday filled with food, friends and family.  If you have Thanksgiving guests coming to stay at your home this year, there are a few things you can do to prepare.  Besides the general cleaning, there might be some things you aren’t thinking about. So get that turkey in the oven, light a fire in the fireplace and kick up your feet!  Your Thanksgiving guests will feel welcome, comfortable and happy in your home this year!


  1. Bathrooms:  If there’s only time to clean one room in the house, make it the bathrooms.  Every guest will visit that room at some point. This is the one room that needs be be and feel clean. Scrub the toilet, shower, sink and walls. Wipe down the mirror and hardware. Put out some fresh hand towels and light a candle.  It’s a simple chore, but extremely necessary.
  2. Heating: Fall weather brings a chill in the air.  Make sure your guests are comfortable and warm Offering a warmer environment inside your home will put your guests at ease and allow you to enjoy your quality time much easier.  Fixd Repair’s Fall Furnace Tuneup should be performed about a week prior to your guests arrivals. Our customer service team says, “it’s like changing the oil on your car – it’s preventative maintenance to keep your system up and running for longer and catch things early before they escalate.” See the complete checklist of the Fall Furnace Tuneup!
  3. Outdoor areas:  Don’t neglect your outdoor areas like your deck and back yard.  Whether you have company over for Thanksgiving dinner, or family staying for a week, chances are, they’ll head outside.  The air is crisper and fresher this time of year.  When your guests step outside for a breath of it, be sure they aren’t tripping over hoses or lawn chairs.  Put away your gardening and lawn care tools and organize your children’s toys and play sets. Arrange your outdoor furniture around a fire pit and host evening cocktails outside so everyone can enjoy!
  4. Curb appeal:  When guests arrive, the first thing they see is the outside of your home. A power washer is a great tool to clean the exterior of your home and wash off the rain residue and dirt. Clean out those gutters, too.  Not only is it important to keep them clear for the safety of your home, it looks nicer, as well. You may also want to check out these 4 Curb Appeal Hacks to create an inviting landscape for your guests to enjoy.
  5. Appliances: Be sure all of your major kitchen appliances are working properly.  If you’ve had issues or problems with your fridge or oven, be sure to schedule and appointment with Fixd Repair. We’ll send a technician to get your appliances in tip top shape quickly, so your turkey can be the star of the show!  This goes for other repairs in the home, as well.  Don’t make your guests deal with a leaky or running toilet. Let Fixd repair it before guests arrive.
  6. Fireplace:  A fireplace offers comfort and warmth to your guests.  It also creates a cozy atmosphere and sanctuary from the chill outside. Be sure you’ve fired it up at least a week before your guests arrive.  This will help flush it out and help you identify any problems well before they arrive. You can be your own chimney sweep and get that task done in less than a few hours! Ensuring your fireplace is clean and in good working condition will allow you to create a fire without safety concerns.
  7. Holiday Lights:  Thanksgiving is the unofficial kickoff to the holiday season.  Prepare your home and get into the spirit with some light holiday decor!  Additional lighting adds a fun, festive ambiance.  Mix it up with some fall gourds and pumpkins on your porch, a wreath of fall leaves on your door, and Christmas lights around your house.  Not only will it be an inviting element for your guests, that chore will be done long before Christmas celebrations begin!  Read up on how to hang outdoor Christmas lights light a pro!
  8. Cover the Pool:  In Texas, we get some crazy weather during the fall.  One day it’s 80 degrees, and the next it’s 40.  Chances are, your pool will be closed for the season, so be sure it’s properly covered before your guests arrive.  This ensures the safety of little ones that may wander out back during the festivities. It also protects it from debris and fall leaves that will pile up, making it an unattractive eyesore for your guests. If you plan to use the hot tub, be sure you perform the proper maintenance on it a least a week prior to friends and family arriving.  This way, it’s in tip-top shape when they want to take a dip!
  9. Laundry:  Take care of all dirty laundry before your Thanksgiving guests appear for the evening.  A noisy wash and dryer can be a distraction during a family meal. You’ll also want to ensure that guests staying for an extended period of time have fresh linens and towels ready for them.
  10. Relax:  Prepare, clean and repair everything you need for your Thanksgiving guests’ arrival in the days leading up to the big day. If you’re still rushing around, you’ll create a chaotic environment for your guests.  Get it all done prior to their arrival so that the day they get there, you can rejoice, relax and celebrate!

Prepare for Thanksgiving guests with these simple chores. You’ll create a more inviting atmosphere for them, make their visit or stay more pleasant, and knock out some much needed maintenance while you’re at it! Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Fixd Repair!