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vents and ducts

Vents and Ducts Clean Out – Why, When & How


The vents and ducts in your home aren’t something you think about often.  Unless there’s a problem, you generally won’t notice them on a daily basis. General maintenance and a good understandin...


Items You Should Never Put in Your Garbage Disposal


With just the flip of a switch, your garbage disposal can get rid of food waste you don’t want to be left in your trash can. In just seconds, it mashes up and flushes down your scraps however, this ...

diy clean dryer vent

DIY Proper Way to Clean Your Dryer Vent


In only four years, there were an estimated 15,970 home fires per year that were caused by clothes dryers or washing machines. Clothes dryers were the culprit for a shocking 92% of those fires. Not o...

prevent pipes from freezing

How To Prevent Pipes From Freezing


Freezing weather can do some severe damage to your home – especially your pipes. When pipes freeze, they can burst, and this can cause flooding in your home and water damage that will cost you a sma...


Cinch Home Services Acquires Fixd, Expands Reach And Capabilities Of On-Demand Offering


Boca Raton, FL (May 10, 2021) – Cinch Home Services (Cinch), the nation’s leading provider of home service solutions, today announced the acquisition of certain assets of Fixd, a top-rated home re...

Tips to Save Energy During the Cold Winter Months

Tips to Save Energy During the Cold Winter Months


It’s freezing outside! Brrrr! You’re doing everything you can to save energy and stay warm indoors. But, in the colder months, it’s only natural for your energy bill to rise. Why? The coldest te...


When to purchase a home – Things I wish I knew before I bought a house


Buying a house is often one of the most significant decisions you'll have to make in your life, and whether you're buying alone or with someone else, it's a huge step. As with all things with life-cha...


A COVID-19 update to our Homeowners. We’re open for business.


Fixd Repair remains vigilant in our efforts to help the communities we serve during this uncertain time. Your home is your safe space, and we want it to stay that way; however, we know that breakdown...

spring cleaning tips

Spring Cleaning: Tips to Freshen Up Your Home


If Spring's arrival is giving you an urge to tidy up, it's probably time to give your home an annual deep Spring cleaning. Just thinking about washing windows, gutters, and vents can be overwhelming, ...

Importance of a home inspection

The Importance of Getting a Home Inspection


Purchasing a home is a time-consuming, expensive, and comprehensive investment. You've checked the neighborhood, marked off the amenities you require, and negotiated a price. When you buy a home, you ...